The Financial Spread Betting handbook

Malcolm Pryor
the financial spread betting handbook

This is a great book that helps any trader set up the basis to a successful spread betting. The book is intended for people who already knows what spread betting is and, in Pryor's words, it's not for "people that thinks there is easy money out there, just waiting to be picked up" or "those who want to spread bet for the adrenalin rush, irrespective of the results".

Malcolm Pryor starts by giving advice on how to choose a spread betting company, how to set up a computer, how to choose the right set of data, and how to choose spread betting types.  He then helps the user deciding on a strategy, defining entry and exit rules, and avoiding costly mistakes. Risk management, a central matter in spread betting, is also carefully approached.

Malcolm Pryor is very experienced in spread betting and has done a great job in this book. Everyone serious about spread betting should read it. It is an excellent start.

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